Rubadoux & Boutilier show

An Exhibition by Two Friends
Craig Rubadoux & Douglas Boutilier
LaHave Bakery Gallery
LaHave, Nova Scotia
August 4 - 13, 2018
Opening Saturday August 4, 3 - 6pm
Open daily 11am - 5pm

Craig Rubadoux' Viola Rouge Craig Rubadoux painting

June 22, 2018
The LAMP composition Academy has become an important annual appointment for young composers. An unequalled faculty and an extraordinary level of collaborating musicians make this a perfect destination for serious composers. Participants will be inspired this year by the paintings of Craig Rubadoux, an American artist with a summer studio near Lunenburg. The successful candidates will be asked to arrive with an original score for any or all of the above mentioned Artists in Residence (subject to approval by LAMP faculty). The duration of the works should be from 10 to 15 minutes. The participants' new works will be performed at a public concert on June 22 in the LAMP recital hall. Mr. Roubadoux's VIOLA ROUGE is being used as the program cover. The event poster also features a painting by Mr. Rubadoux, EL HURACAN.
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painting by craig rubadoux

Rubadoux participates in the Big & Little Art Show: March 2 - 31, 2018
Allyn Gallup Gallery of Contemporary Art
1288 North Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL
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Craig Rubadoux painting

March 9, 2018
The Wild Side of Craig Rubadoux
SRQ Daily Friday Weekend Edition

Secord Gallery

November 27, 2017
Craig Rubadoux joins the Secord Gallery in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Craig Rubadoux poster: SEAGULL

July 25, 2017
Craig Rubadoux signed SEAGULL poster, 28 x 25" US$200 (free shipping)
email Craig for details:

Craig Rubadoux by

March 30, 2017
Craig Rubadoux, "considered one of Sarasota's masters," is featured in from his Florida studio.

by: Nick Friedman
Managing Editor of Arts and Culture

Winter, 2017
Mr. Rubadoux will be joined by fellow-painters Coe and Hood at the
Aallyn Gallup Contemporary Art
1288 North Palm Avenue, Sarasota, FL

March 3, 2017
5:30 to 7:30 pm

Paintings from left, CHILD CONTENT and OTONOL will be included in the show.

Child Content by Craig Rubadoux

CHILD CONTENT by Craig Rubadoux

Otonol by Craig Rubadoux

OTONOL by Craig Rubadoux

El Huracan by Craig Rubadoux

Summer, 2016:
Susan and Armand are building in Cherry Hill, Nova Scotia
They assured Mr. Rubadoux they were not only keeping his painting, they're "Building a house around it!"

The Singer by Craig Rubadoux

Mr. Rubadoux donates
Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance
Rossini Opera Academy

El Huracan by Craig Rubadoux

Fall 2015:
Mr. Rubadoux donates the use of
EL HURACAN for a program cover:
Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance
Master Series

florida fine artist

American Visual Artist
Craig Rubadoux Interview by Pamela Beck

sarasota artist

Sarasota Visual Artist
Craig Rubadoux Interview by Pamela Beck

craig rubadoux

The Observer
Under Sarasota's Influence: Craig Rubadoux
Craig Scott Rubadoux photo

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